Anyone tried to use "Component Monitor Wizard" to monitor Azure Application Gateway before?


Did anyone ever try to use "Component Monitor Wizard" function to monitor Azure Application Gateway? 

I've been told from support as this is out of boundary support as there's no such template could be used for monitoring Azure Application Gateway, so that's why I tried my luck in there to see if any folks did something similar before. Slight smile

After I click "Next, I see below.  It requires me to input the server IP address in here but Azure application gateway doesn't own it at all.  On this occasion, how can I achieve the goal to monitor it or it's not something we can do in terms of monitoring it from Solarwinds SAM?  Please advise, thank you Slight smile

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  • On a whim I created a SAM powershell template assigned to a dummy node that just does this:

    Write-Host "Message.Health: Health: Version";
    Write-Host "Statistic.Health: $foo";

    On my poller it returns V5 so that's what it's using to execute scripts. I've got PS7 installed but haven't enabled it as default. That will fix this issue I think.