Custom Properties only available for use in API Poller if set to 'required'

Hey all,

I am setting up an API poller for Crestron devices and the URL needs the device-cid value which is the device MAC with a bit of extra text after and then use it as a macro ${devicecid}. Unless there's a better way to do it, I was going to set up a custom property and manually enter for each device (there are a lot of them, but they don't change so will be a 1 time thing).

I've found though that custom properties are only able to be used if they are 'required' which isn't ideal as only a few devices will need this field.

Is this expected/by design? Something wrong? Can a custom property be assigned only to some devices? Open to any suggestions.

  • I came across this issue yesterday and had the same question. The only time we'll need custom properties like this is for the dummy nodes hosting API pollers.

    An initial thought was a dropdown for a required field but that would get too unwieldy as the number of devices/queries grows, so now I'm pondering just using 'N/A' for the 99% of nodes that don't require this field. The description can say 'device MAC address or N/A if not applicable'. We're already utilising required fields for a few custom properties anyway, but I'm not the only SW admin in my org so I'll have to run this past everyone else, or just keep on manually entering the details in each API call.

  • Interesting post and one i'll test when I get the chance

    Could you elaborate on what you mean by "set to required"?

  • OK, done some research because as usual in SW land, nothing is definite. I created 3 new custom properties yesterday relating to Azure Storage accounts and my API calls failed because it claimed it couldn't find the macros. One thing I hadn't noticed previously was when you're modifying the URL you type $ and all the assigned node's custom properties pop up allowing you to select one. I changed my 3 custom properties to not being 'required' and they still appear in the list, populated.

    Only... there's an issue. On the one node where I'd populated these custom properties I changed them to be more suitable for screenshots for this reply and they're still the old values in the selection box. In SWQL Studio they're updated so I've no idea where the API poller editor is getting them from. As a test I populated them on one of the other nodes with a storage account API and my properties don't appear for that one at all.

    I have no idea what's going on. It's like the API Poller editor has a separate copy of the custom properties for assigned nodes and only updates it once a day or something. I'll see if my changes are populated after a couple of hours.

  • Logged a ticket with SW. I was right in that the custom properties for my nodes had changed to the test ones this morning, but I had to create another node too so added the correct details for the custom properties straight away and was amazed to see they populated in the API poller straight away. Unfortunately I'd made a typo in the resource group name, so I corrected it and I suspect it won't actually change until tomorrow.

    This is what appears when you type a $ in the URL field of a poller definition:

  • I forgot about this one. When you create a custom property you can set it to 'required', ie it must have a value assigned so no blanks allowed. I thought at the time that to get the properties to populate macros in API pollers they needed to be 'required', but it turned out you just had to wait overnight for them to appear.


    Apparently this fault was fixed in a version between 2020.2.6 and 2023.3.0 but I've not tested it yet because now all our custom properties have gone read only so we can't create new ones or assign values to existing ones. I should note that this started happening with 2020.2.6 and I hoped the upgrade would fix it.

  • Weird. If it helps you can also get any other value produced in an API poller, but its a pain and it puts some restrictions on ya

  • Looks like SW may have told me a little fib and that bug wasn't fixed post 2020.2.6. I still have that issue so have passed it onto the current tech looking at my custom property bug. As before, I'll check the API pollers in the morning and my changes will have populated.

  • Update on this - we still have the issue but after a lengthy session with a developer we discovered that if I restart IIS on the webserver I'm currently getting pages from then the properties will update, so it's not a Solarwinds issue per se, more an IIS caching one.