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Report that shows nodes with assigned alerts

I am trying to create a report that shows a node with assigned alerts... Anybody have any Ideas? Thanks.

  • just one particular node or all of them?

  • All of them, apparently a detailed memo is not good enough for certain parties. Let me stop complaining. I have reports that show all nodes in my environment. They are divided by custom properties... the main being Server_node and Network_node. From there I have listed all their other custom properties respectively. I know need to see if in those reports I can list what alerts are assigned to what node.

  • ok, I just had a quick check and it may not be possible with report builder. You may need to use SQL/SWQL query instead. Are you comfortable with script? I can give you a SQL script example that will do the job, but you would need to expand it further to include all the rest stuff and custom properties that you need

  • Lets just say I am not uncomfortable with it. I will gladly take whatever you can offer. I will try to figure it out. THANKS!!!

  • Here is a script to get you going ...

      WHEN ao.RelatedNodeId IS NULL 
      ELSE ao.RelatedNodeCaption
     END AS 'RelatedNodeCaption',
     n.Environment, --this is custom property
    FROM AlertStatusView asv
    JOIN AlertDefinitionsView ad ON ad.AlertDefID = asv.AlertDefID
    JOIN AlertObjects ao ON ao.AlertObjectID = asv.AlertObjectID
    LEFT JOIN Nodes n ON n.NodeID = ao.RelatedNodeId
    ORDER BY ao.RelatedNodeCaption

    Couple things to note:

    1. Notice CASE in select statement - it will return "STANDALONE ALERT" if alert does not have associated node. Not all alerts are associated with nodes, such as for example WPM alerts, Datastore alerts, etc.
    2. I have Environment custom property and I have added it into output as an example. You can add more of those custom properties to output
    3. When you use this script in the reporting - select GROUP BY RelatedNodeCaption. This way your report will have a nice nested output with nodes and associated alerts. 
    4. Use Custom Table and Advance DB method to extract data. Select SQL and paste code above



    This is how it looks (here I have grouped by Environment and then by Caption)


  • Thanks so much!!! I will try it today... when they let me breath.

  • Thanks!!! The report is just what I was looking for. I was able to add some custom properties in order to sort it better. I have one question would there be a way to show ALL alerts and their assigned nodes? Something like the "alerts this object can trigger" pane in the Node Summary view? Thanks.

  • Quick answer - no, it is not possible to correctly identify which alerts can trigger for a particular node. SolarWinds has something like this out of the box as a widget, but I recall it was never accurate, especially with triggers based on queries. I am not blaming them here, from what I can see - it is physically simply impossible to produce something like this, but they had a good try on it.
  • Above scripts id not working for me. 

    It's showing invalid query. Please help me as i need the same report.

  • the above script is not working for me. 

    Error: Invalid script.

    I have selected SQL advanced query under which i selected SQL only. Please help me as i need same type of report.