Odd Issue with PowerShell SAM Monitor on one Node

Fun one off issue that I am not sure if it is the node or the monitor.

I have a PS monitor setup to check a folder for the existence of an XLS file. I have a Prod and Stage instance of this monitor that is setup on Prod and Stage servers.  The monitors are setup identical the only difference is the name of the monitor. 

Both monitors are set to Inherit account from node.

Both nodes have the same service account setup on them. 

The Stage Monitor is currently responding with an Unknown status.

If I go into SAM and find the monitor to test when I test with the Stage Node it says "unknown user name or password"

The account that SAM should be using is the same account that the node uses to report on WMI and it is showing up.

I can go and find a different application monitor and add it to the Stage node and it will work like it should.  I know the Solarwinds account works. 

I tried adding the Prod monitor to the Stage server and it failed as well with 'unknown user name or password"

I removed the monitor and added it back and it is still showing as unknown. 

This seems like I am missing something.  Or maybe the node is having a Monday.  Thanks - Dave

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  • We've kind of burned through the things that came to me top of mine when troubleshooting script executions.  From the screenshot you it makes me think that you are actually getting connected because all the processes are spinning up, are there maybe a lot of files in those directories and Orion is timing out the connection before it gets a response.  You might try remoting into the server and trying to run a version of the script locally to understand how it behaves.  Then I'd probably take it a step back and try to psremote over from the polling engine to the other server and see if anything noteworthy happens.  You might also consider taking a fishing trip through the logs, but i find that sam component logs are a real monster to dig through in many cases

  • I am trying to figure out if something was changed or udpated in PowerShell.  The stage monitor started acting up earlier in September but it was not doing the same odd things that I found on Prod this morning.  I know it is 'something' with PowerShell doing something with the node.  Once I find that something I will make sure to post.

  • Port 5985 is open but Port 5986 is not.  At this point that is the only thing so far that I can figure out. 

  • I found this link  - View online

    Received an update from Support and made the following changes which appears to correct the issue.  These changes were done on the APEs and the Primary server.

    File:  %SolarWinds Install Directory%\SolarWinds\Orion\SolarWinds.APM.Probes.dll.config

    Backup the file above

    Launch Notepad.exe in administrator mode and load up the file

    Find the line:  <add key="UseLegacyPowerShellImpersonation" value="false" 

    Change the line to:  <add key="UseLegacyPowerShellImpersonation" value="true" />

    Restart Orion Services

    One of my polling engines was set to False and one was set to True.  Wink So I moved the node over to the polling engine that had it set to True. It Errors out but this time it times out. Not sure if it is progress or not.  lol.