Server & Application Monitor (SAM) 2020.2.6 Is Now Generally Available!

The latest release for SAM 2020.2.6 is now available to download in your Customer Portal

As part of our commitment to being Secure by Design and providing a more resilient platform, this release focuses on hardening of the Orion Platform and its modules, removal of legacy code, security and bug fixes, and feature enhancements. 

For detailed release notes, please click the links below: 

What's New! 

This release also includes these improvements: 

  • Disable dynamic components for AppInsightTm: The long wait is over! If you have components you don’t want to AppInsight for SQL Server or AppInsight for IIS to monitor, you now have the option to disable them.  
  • More API Pollers: If you found the limit of one API poller per node be constraining, we’ve increased it to 10 API pollers per node. Monitor more with your API pollers!  
  • New out-of-the-box API Pollers: We’ve added a few out-of-the-box pollers, too 
    • Microsoft Azure Virtual Machine 
    • RabbitMQ 
    • ServiceNow 
  • Improved container monitoring: While improving the security of our container monitoring, we also simplified the deployment flow, added the ability to edit container services, and improved the handling of short-lived containers.  
  • Boosted application dependency performance: Improvements to the algorithm allowed us to increase the recommended monitoring limits.   

What's Next? 

If you don't see the features you've been waiting for, check out the What We're Working On for SAM post for a list of features our dedicated team of log nerds and code jockeys are already researching. If you don't see everything you've been wishing for, add it to the SAM Feature Requests forum

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