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Ability to customize sender display name in Serv-U >= 15.4.1 HTTP File Sharing

Serv-U update to 15.4.1 implemented a new sender for HTTP File Share. Now the sender isn't "spoofed" anymore. In general this is a good improvement. Instead the sender email address is configurable but the displayname is not.

I do not see it as an improvement, that the Text “Serv-U”, the Serv-U domain name and the original Sender given name and surname is now a fix part of the sender’s display name. This seems in my opinion somewhat confusing and long for the recipient.

I like to suggest to add the ability to change this display name to customers need.

  • If we may be able to customize the first part (before "on behalf of") that would be much better. Fully cutomizable display name would be the greatest, but than with the ability of placeholders.

  • I will look into it deeper. In this release we wanted to re-use the same approach that use Microsoft, SalesForce and many other companies with sending emails via form XXXX on behalf of YYYY (email).

    For your convenience you would prefer to fully replace "Serv-U domain name on behalf of mail account" to fully customizable display name or just the first part "Customizable text on behalf of email account"?

  •  : Thank you for your answer. Here is an example.

    I would like to edit this display name to a simple name like "<customer> file sharing". If there is an ability to insert placeholders, it would be fine too.

  • Hello,

    thank you for the feedback. We are aware this is significant change that was driver for many issues in various environments.

    I understand your point of view and would like to doublecheck whether the basic change would address your need. In theory we could create customization in SMTP config dialog.

    Could you please provide some real examples how would you like to customize the sender name?

    Thank you