FTP Problems uploading to or downloading from virtual paths


we need to migrate a very old Serv-U-FTP on Windows to a fresh Serv-U-MFT on Linux.

We have nearly completed the task to run into a "fascinating" problem at the end.

We've configured virtual paths like /c: or /d: to keep the clients untouched but if we try to upload a file to such a virtual path or if we try to download a file from such a virtual path we're getting "501 Syntax error in parameters or arguments." .

An example(Windows ftp on command-line):

cd /d:/ftproot

250 Directory changed to /d:/ftproot

cd out

550 /d:/ftproot/out: No such file or directory. not a problem for us

cd /d:/ftproot/out

250 Directory changed to /d:/ftproot/out


200 Type set to I.

get software.csv

200 PORT command successful.
501 Syntax error in parameters or arguments.

get /d:/ftproot/out/software.csv

200 PORT command successful.
150 Opening BINARY mode data connection for software.csv (224169 Bytes).
226 Transfer complete. 224169 bytes transferred. 2167.48 KB/sec.
FTP: 224169 Bytes empfangen in 0.15Sekunden 1494.46KB/s


257 "/d:/ftproot/out" is current directory.

Is there anything we can do about it?

While trying we currently have create virtual paths for all elements in the path - in the example above:

/d: -> /data/lwd

/d:/ftproot -> /data/lwd/ftproot

/d:/ftproot/out -> /data/lwd/ftproot/out

We need to migrate as silently as possible but if we need to update all clients ........