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Server Identity introduced to enhance security

If I have 3 Environments for MFT (Prod, DR and Non Prod), all environments with paired servers behind a Load Balancer.

Would I create a server identity for each environment (3) or would I create 1 server identity accross my entire suite of MFT.?

ie Prod Load balancer has 2 MFT nodes, DR LB has 2 Nodes and Non Prod has 2 nodes.
Please advise

  • As I understand it, if you are moving configuration between the servers, all servers will need the same Server Identity.

    It would be good to get your specific case confirmed by support though. Please let us know what they say on this thread.

  • Support Response:

    1. Create A Server Identity in the 1st of a Pair of Nodes behind a load Balancer
    2. Export the Server Identity, then import this identity to the 2nd node of the Load balanced pair
    3. As I have 3 Environments (Prod, DR and Non Prod) essentially I have 3 Server Identities

    -> This is correct.

    If I ever have to Modify my MFT Configuration in the future, can I still perform the Migrate to another server as per, this would be per environment?

    - > Once following this article, you will have the option to create a new server identity or import an existing server identity.

    Only Serv-U Local Administrators or fully privileged System Administrators can export and import Server Identities.

    Hope this helps others!

  • Good to have that confirmed.

    That migration article is from 2019 so I think it would be best to test this and let us know on here because Server Identity did not exist back then?