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HTTP/1.1 403 when downloading a text file from the SERV-U Web Client - Alternative Folder Info Text?


While I can perfectly access and download files (exe, msi, zip) via the Web Client as either a domain- or a database user, .txt files plain and simple go to a HTTP/1.1 403 Access forbidden and will not display or download. Is there an option in the Settings/Limits I'm missing?

Alas, I wouldn't need said text files if I was able to display the contents of a specific text file as a "Directory Info" (something like Version info or general info to the customer). Is there a way to do something like that? A Welcome Message per Directory so to speak?

Thanks for taking the time to read my ramblings ;-)


  • Hi Kai, please can you let us know the version you are running and the process to download the .txt files, I've not seen that behaviour before.

  • Hey calc,

    The version is - the process is the easiest I could imagine => change into the directory, double-click the .txt file => Forbidden - alternatively: change into the directory => select the file => use "Download"-Button => Forbidden.


  • Hi Kai, thanks - do you get the same error in "Web Client" and "New Web Client". If so, do you also get errors when you try to download the file via FTP/SFTP using the same account?

    Could you share a screenshot of the error just to give some context?

    Would be interested to know the filename of the txt file too. It shouldnt matter but just incase there is something unusual about the filename.

  • Hi calc,

    thanks for reminding me. The filename was "!! Infos !!.txt" - without the quotation marks of course. After removing them (replacing them with __ to make the file move to the top of the line), the download works perfectly.

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