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Automate Server ID import. Serv-U 15.3.2

Is it possible to automate the ID Server import process?
I verified that creating a "ServerIdentity" registry key, however this key is unique for each installation and that generates another ID in case of system formatting. Is there any command or other process I can automate?

  • I havent seen any way to automate this, it is usually done when you install 15.3.2 - you get the option to create a new identity or import an existing one.

    Do you have lots of servers in a cluster that need the same identity for load balancing?

    I would suggest opening a case with support to ask if there is a way to quickly do this - please let us know as it will be useful.

  • Hello.
    I am carrying out the studies and project for the implementation at the client and the license has not yet been purchased, I do not have access to another client's old corporate account. The scenario will be 2 different servers that share the same user base. I need to automate the installation and configuration process within the server installation template. Could someone open a ticket? I think this problem may interest others.

  • Ah I see. For that kind of setup the Server Identity configuration is detailed here:

    You probably wont need to automate it for 2 servers as you'll be doing other configuration anyway and the identity is a quick process. There is a section on that link specifically for "Set up a new multi-tier Serv-U Server across multiple machines".

    If you do still want to automate, if you contact sales, they may be able to put you through to someone who can help and then you could let us know here.

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