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How To: Search Forum for related topics?

How To: Search Forum for related topics?

IMHO the power of a forum is the ability to search and find solutions, not just a convo between an unhappy customer and SW Techs

  • At the top of most (all?) pages in the forum is a search box - it can't be missed. Put your search query in there and the results get returned. I like to shift-click the results so that they open in a new page and keep the results of my search remain 'as is'.

    Once you start typing your query, you also get options to narrow that down (or epand):

    And on the right hand sand an option to go to the advanced search.

    Also, the usual use of quotes can help narrow down results. 

  • Where is it ? Can you see it ?

    The trick is to click at the top of the page, Forum

    Then we can see the Search bar, well, it's actually an, "Ask a question..."  [ Ask ] button almost the same as search

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