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v15.2.4 - automatic service shutdown after 5 days of running

We are running Serv-U on Windows and since the upgrade to v15.2.4 we have the problem that Serv-U shuts itself down after (almost) exactly five days. (give or take a couple seconds - according to the event logs)

It has done this three times so far (we installed on the 24th of August, and now had such an shutdown on the 29th of August, the 3rd and 8th of September)

Anyone else with the same problem?

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  • So far so good... showing Global Log is up since last Friday 4:30-ish when the HF was applied

    No Other Issues (screaming email saying mFTP isn't available...)

    [01] Fri 17Sep21 16:37:44 - Serv-U File Server (64-bit) - Version 15.2 ( - (C) 2021 SolarWinds Worldwide, LLC.  All rights reserved.
    [01] Fri 17Sep21 16:37:44 - Build Date: Tuesday, September 14, 2021 12:25 PM
    [01] Fri 17Sep21 16:37:44 - Operating System: Windows Server 2012 64-bit; Version: 6.2.9200
    [01] Fri 17Sep21 16:37:44 - Loaded graphics library.
    [01] Fri 17Sep21 16:37:44 - Loaded ODBC database library.
    [01] Fri 17Sep21 16:37:44 - Loaded SSL/TLS libraries.
    [01] Fri 17Sep21 16:37:44 - Loaded SQLite library.
    [01] Fri 17Sep21 16:37:44 - FIPS 140-2 mode is OFF.
    [01] Fri 17Sep21 16:37:44 - Valid registration key found
    [01] Fri 17Sep21 16:37:44 - HTTP server listening on port number 43958, IP
    [01] Fri 17Sep21 16:37:44 - HTTP server listening on port number 43958, IP ::1
    [01] Fri 17Sep21 16:37:44 - WinSock Version 2.2 initialized.
    [01] Fri 17Sep21 16:37:44 - SFTP (SSH) server listening on port number 22, IP 999.888.777.666
    [01] Fri 17Sep21 16:37:44 - HTTPS server listening on port number 443, IP 999.888.777.666

  • Great news! Just wondered if we need to go any further with the testing by restarting it manually to ensure it doesn't do the same service stopping issues on the 2nd (and beyond) reboot after the patch? It does mean waiting another 5 days though!

    It does look like it is resolved and the above is unlikely.

  • [01] Thu 23Sep21 12:23:32 - Serv-U File Server (64-bit) - Version 15.2 ( - (C) 2021 SolarWinds Worldwide, LLC. All rights reserved.      Well, the deed is done and I reckon we will see. Also while I have you guys here... am I the only one that had issues with admin rights during the initial upgrade? I had to manually delete the serv-u.dll file before the installation would actually run. Just wondering.
  • a) See you in 120 hrs 
    b) I/local admin, followed the process stopping the service, then copy the 6-dll files to a bak_<date> folder, then over-write the existing dll using Win file manager/explorer

    So, no clue why you'd be able to remove but not over-write?

  • Well, it was actually the UPGRADE to that would stop when it hit Serv-U.dll the install would hang. I exited, manually moved the Serv-u.dll (using the SAME credentials), started the install and it ran fine. I did also have one issue with the patch like you mentioned too. I know, very odd.

  • That was 'probably' because when we turn off Serv-U there is a bit of delay before the .dll is unlocked.  So it was still tied up when you attempted install, but released by the time you moved the file manually.