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v15.2.4 - automatic service shutdown after 5 days of running

We are running Serv-U on Windows and since the upgrade to v15.2.4 we have the problem that Serv-U shuts itself down after (almost) exactly five days. (give or take a couple seconds - according to the event logs)

It has done this three times so far (we installed on the 24th of August, and now had such an shutdown on the 29th of August, the 3rd and 8th of September)

Anyone else with the same problem?

  • small issue since applying Hot Fix 1 to my v15.2.4.1324 Windows instance:

    In 'Control Panel...Programs and Features' it still shows v15.2.4.1324 is installed but the Serv-U App confirms (Hot Fix 1) v15.2.4.1327 is installed.

    I've tried restarting the service and Control Panel but this doesn't fix this contradiction.

  • I'd bet $1.00 USD that is an entry in Registry; because we used bait-n-switch of the dlls Windows doesn't poll the dll for their versions, instead relying on the installer to update these references

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