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v15.2.4 - automatic service shutdown after 5 days of running

We are running Serv-U on Windows and since the upgrade to v15.2.4 we have the problem that Serv-U shuts itself down after (almost) exactly five days. (give or take a couple seconds - according to the event logs)

It has done this three times so far (we installed on the 24th of August, and now had such an shutdown on the 29th of August, the 3rd and 8th of September)

Anyone else with the same problem?

  • Same here... most frustrating was the time to chase support to acknowledge there is an error. Equally scary and BIG DEAL is the support "expert" tried to get me to stop the production server to setup a catch for crash dump; IT IS NOT CRASHING; the Event Log Says, Stopping, and Domain Stopped.

    Still waiting... 

  • I received the same request from Serv-U support. It seems strange Serv-U support want their customers to provide a crash dump file to investigate an error they already understand and could easily replicate themselves.

    I assume Serv-U  support are just following their normal prescribed customer support procedure without giving any thought to which steps are necessary or not. 

  • ... yes "just following orders" w/out a thought about the problem, And it really seemed like a Stall tactic... 

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