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What We're Working On - Serv-U FTP Server, Serv-U MFT Server & FTP Voyager

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We are currently in the development phase for the next release, we are investigating following areas. As we move forward we will update this post to reflect what we are working on short-term.  If there is anything missing or arguments to move things up, vote on product ideas or post a comment.

  • Upgrade of Web FTP client functionality - goal to remove Java dependency and to improve usability and user experience
    • UI upgrade
    • Drag & Drop support
    • Multiple file transfer support
  • Security enhancements - support for new encryption algorythms
  • OpenSSL upgrade
  • High Availability improvements
  • Performance improvements and enhancements
  • Bug fixes
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    It would be nice to have some features like these:

    Increase some limits like email message size in events (currently limited to 255 characters), days considering user password to be stale (currrently only 10 days), allow passwords to be recovered should not send passwords in clear text. It should be better a forgot my passowrd page or some kind of service sending passwords encrypted...

    Could you please include it in your new features?


  • Hi,

    What about File Sharing in Multi-tier HA environment ?

    It looks this feature is not compatible with HA even if 'Serv-u_distributed_architecture,pdf' clearly details how to configure Serv-U in such scenarios.

    Pls advise, thanks


  • More than an year later, where are you on reaching these goals? An update would be nice. I generally see this pattern across all FTP/MFT vendors. Their updates are generally 2-3 years apart and that too basically fixes for outstanding issues. Feels like, the support charges are wasted. Would someone please share more info on the product features expected? Thank you.

  • just stumbled on a bug today in the latest

    I can only allow users to use the web client pro WHEN it is set as the default client.

    If file sharing is the default, it won't allow them to switch to pro anymore.

    This is obviously due to messing around with making it a default client option in this release.

  • More roadmap information would be appreciated. There are a lot of feature requests that are sitting idle. Support was strong initially but now it is waning down to 1 update a year with basic additions.

  • We are in the process of renewing our license. However, the lack of roadmap and enhancements make me doubt. Would really like to see a roadmap of features and a release date for this. If not we will change to some other tool. Have been buying updates for many years now and not a single new feature.

    /Klas Johansson


  • We have a release in progress currently, but I would love to hear what else you would like to see in the product.  Feel free to ping me at to discuss.

  • Hi,

    Thanks for response. I would assume that you should have enough things to add to the software. There must be a lot of requests collected during the years.

    Personally I would like to see that one could share a folder and use that as a collaborative base for sharing files in for example ongoing project. Where I and a customer can exchange files during an entire project without having to recreate a share over and over again send another file.

    Sharing files within an organization is something that our users are asking for. Since we work in a support organization we sometimes need to share files with each other. Now we have to download and share again or alternatively share them on a shared disk within the company.

    Extending the active time for a share would be useful as well.

    Drag and drop would be nice. Adding folders instead of per file basis (similar to the above)

    Just some of the things that pop out of my head right now.


  • Do you have any overview for the requested features that is being worked on ?
    I have a couple of features requested some years ago and still receives the same reply that "the dev team is looking into it".

    - MFA for web
    - Sending email from a specified email address - and not the users own. (SPF fail when external users)
    - Design upgrade for web as well as a ux upgrade for admin..

    - Multi user updates from admin

    - Upgrade the web client allowing drag&drop using modern browser technology (Not java..)
    ..and more..