Understanding Passive Mode - Permission Denied

I have a customer who is connecting and sometimes they can save files, other times they cannot.  I enabled logging and it seems to be related to entering passive mode.

Top half is when it worked, bottom when it didn't.  Can anyone tell what is happening based on the screen shot?

  • To calculate the PASV port being used, take the last two numbers and do the following (using your screenshots)

    (19*256)+152 = port 5016

    (19*256)+142 = port 5006

    Ensure your firewalls are open for the full port range configured for PASV in Serv-U.

    However, in this case, I think its more of an issue with the storage location of the 2nd example. It appears to be giving a Permissions Denied error on a relative path, rather than absolute path of the first example. Maybe you are using a different user account or confguration on the 2nd example.