Open for Voting

Advanced Networking Options

I would like a set of Advanced Networking options that allow me to add additional IP interfaces to the appliance as well as static routes.

  • The reason for dual NICs is to support Out of Band Management.  Some devices can only pass data on a production network with user traffic (security issue - typical of older networking gear), whereas the requirement is to pass data out of band (physically separate network - no user traffic - only management traffic).  Most newer devices come with a management interface used to connect to the OOB Network allowing management traffic to be separate. 

  • Having these features would allow me to mutli-home one of my instances of SEM that is on a private network.  I want to keep this instance separate but I cannot bounce email as the SEM appliance cannot see our intranet.  Once it can see our intranet network, I would be able to allow forward emails to the mail forward agent on that network.   

  • Tell us more about your specific vision.  How would Logging & Event Management be of better service for you with these new features?  How would you deploy them, leverage them?

    What could others do with these new features?

    (You've gotta make it plain, got to sell your idea so everyone jumps onboard & votes it up--AND so SW / Thwack staff see it gaining interest and appeal and votes.)

  • I would like to add to this as well. Suprised more people haven't voted on it.

    Either for certain isolated networks or the odd network routing, these should be available.

  • It needs to get some attention before it comes off the bottom of the pile. Get your colleagues to vote it up! emoticons_wink.png