Add Juniper Firewall as Log Sources

Hi Everyone! 

May i ask on how to Add Junifer firewall as a Log Sources? We having probelem on Adding this device 

Can you give us the Steps or Advise best practice for us to apply on our Client. Thanks! 

  • Hi @rjpunsalang 

    Are you following this doc?:
    and using the Juniper/NetScreen5 connector?

    If the issue is that you have followed that article and are not seeing the node appear in SEM, the next question we will need to answer is if the SEM is even receiving the data from the Juniper device. 

    To check that, you'll want to SSH into the SEM appliance (or you can go to a console for the VM in MWare or Hyper-V).  Once you are logged in there as the cmc user, you'll want to go to the Appliances menu and run the checklogs command.  That should show you a list of the log facilities and whether they are <empty> or contain data. 

    You will want to look for two things:
    --if any of the log facilities have data in them that is coming from the Juniper

    --if they do contain data from the Juniper, does the log facility that has the data match the log facility that your Juniper/NetScreen5 connector references

    As an example, if I configure my SonicWall switch to send data over to SEM and my connector is set to look at /var/log/local4 but then I go into checklogs command and see that my sonicwall data is showing up under local2, then I will need to change my connector to look at /var/log/local2.

    Hopefully that wasn't too confusing! please let me know if that was helpful or if you need more info/help.