SEM 2021.2.1 Upgrade to Latest Version

Good day,

I am new to SEM and SolarWinds and I would like to upgrade the current version (2021.2.1) to the latest version (2023.4.1). Is there a guide on how to initialize the upgrade? I am having a hard time to digest the information on the documentation regarding SEM upgrade. As the upgrade path states that the 2021.2.1 version requires multiple hops to reach the latest version, and the upgrade also requires to upgrade to SEM components (Virtual Appliance, Connectors, Console, and Agents). The SEM resides in a VMware (ESXi) server.

  • What if I have a lot of Connectors and Agents in my SEM, will I need to upgrade every single one of those to be able to reach the latest version?
  • Would there be a down time when performing this upgrade?

Thank you for your time.

  • Ok let start with the if you have a single instance of SEM Yes you will have downtime as the device need to reboot?  How long the downtime is max 15 minutes.

    How to upgrade vmware image I recommend the upgrade ISO approach for simply method less like to have issues.

    As any good IT professional will tell you backup first then upgrade.  If you have the ability to spin up a backup copy of Instance and test before attempting on production. 

    Question regarding Connectors  Old connector should still work with newer instance unless is really old like LEM old.  

    The connector should auto update from the SEM when its reboots but not always.

    I recommend verifying all agentless connectors have started up correctly as good measure. 

    Hope that helps