How to configure the Privileged Account Monitoring Tool "PAM" in SEM?


I'm new to the community and I'm learning about SEM, I've seen that Solarwinds offers something called Privileged Account Monitoring Tool  "PAM"

I'm interested in learning how to configure that functionality in the SEM, however I can't find the necessary and complete documentation to help me do it.

Could someone help me find a step-by-step guide or a guide to set it up?

In this link they only talk about what it is, but I am not clear on how to implement it: 


  • There is no built-in PAM tool this is simply a rule you configure to monitor and check for accounts you deem privileged in an Active Directory Group or hardcode the username names to filter.  This is also dependent on having an agent installed on the computer to monitor.

    Logon Failures to Administrative Accounts is a select list of accounts it checks for such as administrator, root, etc.
    This does missing accounts such as members of AD that are domain admins unless you integrate AD and search by ad_group domain_admins. 
    Regarding your question, it does limited monitoring but will require more setup to meet most people's needs.