What’s New in Security Event Manager (SEM) 2024.2?

We’re excited to announce a new release for the Security Event Manager (SEM). Version 2024.2 is now available on your customer portal and solarwinds.com. 

Want to see everything that’s new? Please refer to the release notes for a broad overview of this release. 

What is included in this release? 

Software license recycling

  • Users can now collect and reuse SEM licenses (perpetual or subscription) from offline nodes that do not send any events within a specified amount of time. This capability helps preserve the licensing costs by recycling those licenses to monitor additional nodes.

Publish reports using SMB file sharing

  • With this capability, users can now leverage server messaging block (SMB) file sharing to publish reports to an external file share.

Contextual help for events and event properties

  • With this help feature, users no longer have to guess about what the keywords in events or event properties mean. When you click on events (or event properties) and hover over   icon in an event name, a pop-up window displays the description of what that keyword means. This capability is available for each event in the events drop-down menus when:
    • Creating a filter in the Live Events tab
    • Creating a custom search query in the Historical Events tab
    • Creating a rule in the Rules tab

Next Steps 

Check out our roadmap to know what’s coming up in 2024. 

Check the release notes for more information on this release and instructions on upgrading. 

We encourage you to check out the free download if you’re reading this and not already using  SolarWinds Security Event Manager.  It’s free to get started. It’s easy. Give it a try! 

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