What‘s New in Security Event Manager (SEM) 2023.2?

We’re excited to announce a new release for the Security Event Manager (SEM). Version 2023.2 is now available on your customer portal and solarwinds.com. 

Want to see everything that’s new? Please refer to the release notes for a broad overview of this release. 

What is included in this release? 

Event groups

  • Event groups allow users to group similar events together into a single category to initiate a specific event filter, rule, or condition.

Improved tag management

  • Users can now create and view tags from the Tag management window for queries.

Email Active Response connector testing

  • After setting up an active response connector in the SEM console, users can now test this by sending a test message to the user configured.

Improved agent manager communications

  • This release implements several updates to ensure uninterrupted communications between the SEM Manager and agents and prevent unauthorized access to your SEM deployment.

Next Steps 

Check out our roadmap to know what’s coming up in 2023. 

Check the release notes for more information on this release and instructions on upgrading. 

We encourage you to check out the free download if you’re reading this and not already using  SolarWinds Security Event Manager.  It’s free to get started. It’s easy. Give it a try! 

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