What‘s New in Security Event Manager (SEM) 2022.4?

We’re excited to announce a new release for the Security Event Manager (SEM). Version 2022.4 is now available on your Customer Portal and solarwinds.com. Want to see everything that’s new? Please refer to the release notes for a broad overview of this release. 

What is included in this release? 

Import and Export of Rules 

  • Administrators can export rules from SEM to a JSON file, and all users can import rules on the Configure > Rules page. 

Export nodes 

  • All or selected node information can be exported as a CSV file on the Configure > Nodes page. 

Improved Saved and Schedule Query options 

  • The Save and Schedule options are now consolidated under one menu. 

Query Tags and Thresholds 

  • SEM 2022.4 introduces query tags and thresholds. These are used to group queries and determine the severity level and colors for two new dashboard widgets: Scheduled query severity, and Scheduled query table severity. 

Security in Hybrid Cloud Observability 

  • Security in Hybrid Cloud Observability helps organizations better understand the complexities within their environments while providing real-time visibility to help detect and remediate security issues. With the addition of Security Event Manager (SEM) and Access Rights Manager (ARM) into SolarWinds® Hybrid Cloud Observability, customers can now monitor their security and compliance status on a dedicated security dashboard. A correlated, node-based events dashboard from SEM and ARM in the appropriate Hybrid Cloud Observability node details page is also provided. Read more 

Next Steps 

The 2022.4 release of the Security in Hybrid Cloud Observability is a huge first step, but we aren’t done yet. Check out our roadmap to know what’s coming up in 2023. 

Check therelease notesfor more information on this release and instructions on upgrading. 

We encourage you to check out the free download if you’re reading this and not already using  SolarWinds Security Event Manager. It’s free. It’s easy. Give it a try! 

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