Sudden increase in Memory Consumption by Polling Engines

We upgraded from 2022.2.6 to 2023.1 around February 15th last month. I've noticed since about 20 days after that all of my APEs are consuming 98% memory and I am having rolling blackouts for 10-20 minutes per poller. No other change to the systems has occurred and it only seems to be the SW Pollers having his issue. I'm worried that the upgrade introduced some code that has memory leaking. Is anyone else having this issue? Case # - 01305923 Polling engines suffering from rolling blackouts. If I'm lucky I can remote to the Poller and it will respond. Pollers are 14CPU with 24gig memory Windows 2016

ALERT: Orion Polling Engine POLL15PRD at has not updated in 3/20/2023 5:40:05 AM minutes.
RESET: Orion Polling Engine POLL15PRD at was last updated 3/20/2023 6:36:56 AM minutes ago.

 Poller: POLL15PRD

Engine ID: 16

Last KeppAlive: 3/20/2023 5:40:05 AM

Version:  SolarWinds Platform 2023.1.0.196

Type: AdditionalPoller

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