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SolarWinds Migration & Scaling

HI All,

we are planning to deploy new APE on Cloud and other APE and MPE running on On Prem VM.

Later we Plan for migration of Master polling engine(MPE) & Database services to AWS cloud

and then Distribute APE’s across multiple locations.

can any one have any documentation of steps handy?

please share asap


Sumit Goel

  • Hey

    Make sure you understand the traffic you'll be pushing to and from the cloud. In hybrid deployments (and more so in 100% cloud installations) it's the traffic and 'access numbers' which cause the cost to go up, and also cause problems with polling reliability.

    Nail the firewall/routing issues early in your design, both sides of the traffic flow. Managing access to and from the Cloud can be a real headache.

    Also, when you do make the leap, don't be cheap when it comes to the Orion database cloud instance. Yes, those requirements are accurate, and don't let your DBAs tell you otherwise! Slight smile

    Feel free to reach out if you have any further questions, either here, via DM, or @silverbacksays on Twitter.

  • thanks..

    we have deployed new APE on AWS

    now we are planning to move MPE running on on-prem VM to AWS and everything should be intact, do you have any documentation or steps?

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