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HA configuration question

Current Setup:

We have HA setup and running on our Main Polling Engine and 7 additional polling engines in our WAN.  I have 4 polling engines in each of our DMZ lanes.  Our DMZ lanes are split between 2 data centers.  So we have DC1 Production, DC1 QA, DC2 Production, DC2 QA.  The number of nodes in each of these lanes is small and having an APE for each of these lanes is over kill.  I want to use SolarWinds HA, but i am not sure how that would work for updating the VIP and having the updated VIP available for the MPE and the rest of the APE.

MPE is in WAN in --> HA setup with VIP

APE1-7 are in WAN in --> HA setup with VIp

APE 8 DMZ prod in DC1 in

APE 9 DMZ prod in DC2 in

APE 10 DMZ qa in DC1 in

APE 11 DMZ qa in DC2 in

If i want to move APE 8 and APE 9 into an HA pair and APE 10 and APE 11 into and HA pair is SolarWinds smart enough that the MPE would know that a failover happened and communicate properly and would the WAN APE be able to communicate properly.  Both the VIP and DNS Alias would be updated in a different domain than the WAN MPE and APEs where those domains have no replication or communication with one another. 

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