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Changing IPs of HA for a DR failover

Hi everyone,

Not posted here before but hoping you can help.

My client is interested in adding HA into the new SW design that we're developing, which sounds straight forward enough, however I'm trying to consider this within their DR capability too.

In short, the DR service will fail over all the VMs (including SW) to another site which operates on a different IP range.

What I'm trying to determine is this:

1. If a HA pair is bought up at the DR site on new IP addresses, does SW HA feature allow the IP addresses to be changed or does it need the HA pool to be removed and re-added?
2. Are there any implications doing this that I need to consider?
3. Has anyone ever done this? (I know it's unlikely)

- Single subnet configuration would be used in production and DR.
- Multi-subnet is not an option due to latency and current network design (may change in 12 months)
- SQL Server config is using AOAG, 2 servers in primary site (synchronous) and 1 server in DR site (asynchronous)

I'll probably get the technical team to build a test set of servers and try it out so we understand the impact, as without HA we're missing an opportunity to improve the resiliency, especially as we've include SQL AOAG already.

Thanks in advance.

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