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full_url in checks/{checkid} or in /check API


Right now I can see that the full_url for a check is only shown in the webhook, more info here

There is no such data in the API, furthermore we can find the hostname only in the /api/3.1/checks and the url only in /api/3.1/checks/{checkid}

Moreover your API documentation shows misleading information, you display a domain(hostname) in the url field example, this is not possible, the url will only show the path after the main domain.

this API checks/{checkid} should actually look like this:

and if possible add the same information in the api/3.1/checks

  • "created": 0,

and the doc for API is also a bit confusing, OK, I understand the hostname is a string, but why you did not put a nice example (let's say like you did for the other fields?

Right now I need to make many more additional API calls in order to obtain the data I need so I can combine the /check with /checks/{checkid} and then store it to my system.

Please find a solution so we can have the full_url in checks/{checkid} or/and in /check API

Thank you,