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Feature Request for SEM -- support NSX

Case # - 01289374 SEM connector support for VMWARE NSX    

After logging a support ticket to SolarWinds  and even though we pay  a substantial amount for support  of the product , I have to go into Thwack to request support feature for VMWARE NSX on SEM.

Is there  currently  a generic connector that will at least  show the logs from NSX.

It makes no sense to have a product that wont support  that functionality as there are 100's of vendors 

I noticed someone requests this feature for NSX over  3 years ago. So  my chnaces are slim 

  • They actually create an internal ticket for this.  But creating a customer facing one would be through thwack and this should be adopted as part of the process instead of just creating an internal ticket.  Either way, I voted for this one.  I hope this picks up some steam.

  • We cannot comment on dates for Feature Requests.

    There is indeed a "Syslog Generic" connector.  it will read in events and put them in ServiceInfo it may be enough for your usage.

    description="Syslog Generic"

    fullDescription="Collects all generic Syslog events. Should only be used when there is not connector created."

    Ensure that it is setup on it's own local facility with only the NSX device logging to it. This will bring in the data while the VMWARE NSX is being created.