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What has gone wrong with the Pingdom Website Speed Test ?

The Speed Test tool used to provide an extremely detailed report on website speed with content analysis & waterfall report. Now it looks like half of the report is missing as per picture. Does anyone know what is wrong ?   Searching on the internet have found the odd comment that the tool is partially broken but seen nothing official from Solarwinds Pingdom.  Any assistance would be most helpful as it used to work great. Thanks 

  • Hi! I work with Pingdom and generally the page speed test works, but as with all things in tech there can be problems with specifics and edge cases here and there. To actually find out what the problem is in this case it'd be best if our tech support team could investigate the site and results in question. If you submit a case here (you can ignore the top part about signing in, you don't need to do that) with the details of the site you're seeing this problem on we can investigate it and hopefully figure out what's going on! For anyone who sees this post in the future, do feel free to submit a case with the specific site you're having issues with and we'll have a look, thanks!

  •  Andreas - I have just submitted a ticket as you suggested.  Hopefully will get an answer , as the issue isn't as far as I can see website specific.  Thank you very much