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Feature request: https for custom domain status page

Right now, Pingdom lets you configure a custom domain for the public status page, but it is http only.  No https.  I'd like to request https support for the custom domain feature.

There are a couple of ways it could be done:

1. Pingdom could automatically obtain a LetsEncrypt certificate for every custom domain.  Since Pingdom is hosting the site, it could create the magic link to verify the domain.  LetsEncrypt may have a limit on the number of certificates requested per host though.

2. Allow users to upload their own certificates that they get themselves.  This could require a lot of interaction, because it is two phase (get a CSR, and then upload a certificate for the CSR).  But to keep it simple, you could require that the CSR be done on the user's own system.

3. Get a wildcard certificate for *, and allow users to request fourth level domains (ex.  This is probably the least desirable, but the easiest to implement.

But any of these options is better than what we have now, which is just a request URL with a hashcode on the end.  It looks like a phishing site.

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