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How do I find the integration and user IDs that are provided on the Checks API resource?

The API that returns a Check's details contains three properties - `integrationids`, `userids`, `teamids` - that are JSON arrays containing integer identifiers that point to an Integration, User, and Team respectively.  

I'd like to turn those IDs into something more human readable such as a name or description.  There doesn't appear to be a way to get that information from the API.  But that information also doesn't appear to be present in the UI either.  So far I've had to resort to toggling integrations and users on and off through the UI and pulling the check detail from the API to see what IDs map to which human readable names.  

Is there a better way to do this?  This probably isn't the last time I'll have to go through and audit our Pingdom setup.

  • I have a very similar issue that would also be solved by an integrations resource on the API.

    As mentioned on the original post the integration ids associated with checks are available via the checks resource but these ids are meaningless unless there is an integrations resource to find out about them.  i.e. I want to programmatically read the information that is presented within the integrations page of the Pingdom UI.  In particular read the name and URL corresponding to the integration ids programmatically.

    Thanks, Rich