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What We're Working On for Pingdom (Updated October 6, 2020)

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Since the post was last updated we have released an expansion of our API 3.1 to include data export capabilities for Transaction checks (TMS), check cloning, and more. We'd love to hear what you think!

  • Group Mapping support in SAML - Control user access through permission groups in IdPs such as Active Directory.
  • Web Transaction Recorder for Mac – Mac users will be able to create transaction checks using the new recorder released last quarter.
  • Unified View with Loggly and AppOptics - Provide users with a single pane of glass to monitor their cloud environments comprehensively. Combined navigation provides an integrated experience between the three products, and a common dashboard enables full observability into cloud environments with end user experience, metrics, logs and traces on one screen.
  • Pingdom - AppOptics Integration via Trigger Trace - Pingdom tells you what issue happened with your web application from the client side and AppOptics tells you what happened from the server side (ie "why"). So Pingdom tells you what happened and AppOptics tells you why. This project connects the two products together for a seamless end to end troubleshooting experience - from the user all the way down to the logs via a single Trace ID.
  • Usability Improvements - Ease of use is in our DNA and we continue to make several usability improvements continuously. If you have any specific suggestions, we'd love to hear in the comments below.

As Always, if there are items you feel should be on our roadmap, please let us know by commenting below or creating a Feature Request. As always, looking forward to your feedback on our recent releases and current roadmap.

  • Some enhancements to the Pingdom API that would be extremely useful:

    - Be able to pause / unpause alerts by Tags

       -  Example: Have 10 servers, 4 of which are tagged as "PROD". I would want to send an API request to pause / unpause all PROD servers

    - Be able to pause / unpause alerts by Name field value (or any field value, for that matter)

       -  Instead of just checkid, pausing by name would be much more useful

    - Be able to run "test check" before unpausing an alert

       -  Current manual process is to pause alert, do change and reboot server, run Test Check in the alert, when that comes back positive, unpause alert.

       -  Would like to have this functionality from within API


  • James, this is great feedback. Thanks so much for sharing.

  • Slowest Pages in RUM

    I've started using the Visitor Insight (RUM) tool recently. It is very useful, but I am unable to gain insight on what the slowest pages are. The "Top pages" reports on 15 pages with the most page views. A report of the pages with the slowest page load average would allow developers to focus on pages that may not get included in the top pages report.

    In my case, the top 2 pages account for 31% of page views, and "other" line item in the "top pages" report has about 40% of my pages views. The top pages report has 4 pages with average load time greater than "other". Of these four, 3 pages have an average load time more than half a second greater than the "other" line item. These 3 pages account for 4% of the traffic. In this scenario, a slowest pages report would help to determine where priority should be given to help lower load times and improve Apdex.

  • Thank you Eddie, for that great feedback. Although one can sort by Median Load Times in the RUM Performance Dashboard, a report would indeed be nice.


  • Please do some sort of integration with Pingom and Orion (on-prem) .  Having one company have a SaaS site and a On-Prem solution and not integrating them seems... odd.

    Also - when will Single Page Apps be supported by RUM?   Angular would be nice to see. 

  • Thanks Matt, great feedback. Both are in research right now and I agree we should do both (SPA in RUM and some kind of Pingdom integration with Orion). I will reach out to chat more if you're open to that.

  • Hi Matt,

    I would be happy to chat more about these topics.  Thanks for the response!


  • I'm looking forward to the ability to tag Uptime Checks for reporting purposes.

    Another enhancement request: A way to encrypt, hide or mask passwords used in Transaction Checks would be great for security purposes.

  • Very much looking forward to this:

    • Grouping Checks in Email Reports - This will be the first feature to leverage tags for Uptime checks so that users can dynamically add checks from reports by assigning a tag to them and sub select groups to include in email reports (a common customer request).

    Enable global uptime checks, encompassing all four regions, NA, Europe, Asia/Pac and Latam (so I don't have to create 3 each time).