What We're Working On for Pingdom (Updated: January 2022)

Since the post was last updated we have released the Web Transaction Recorder for Mac, MFA support, updated the Live Chat experience and added email verification for login. Many of these features were delivered as part of our commitment to harden the security of our service. See our release notes here. We'd love to hear what you think!

  • Pingdom - AppOptics Integration via Trigger Trace - Pingdom tells you what issue happened with your web application from the client side and AppOptics tells you what happened from the server side (ie "why"). Pingdom tells you what happened and AppOptics tells you why. This project connects the two products together for a seamless end to end troubleshooting experience - from the user all the way down to the logs via a single Trace ID.
  • Updates to the uptime check user experience - reach out to let us know if you'd like to participate in user research sessions to ensure your voice is heard 
  • Security Improvements - Our users' privacy and security is a top priority and we are taking all necessary steps to harden our service.

As always, if there are items you feel should be on our roadmap, please let us know by commenting below or creating a Feature Request. As always, looking forward to your feedback on our recent releases and current roadmap.

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