The Pingdom Guide to the Internet

We may be biased, but we think we’ve had some great blogs that are informational, impartial, and (hopefully) not boring to read about all things related to what’s happening on the internet. Looking back at our blog—dating back to 2006—one series saw the limelight from 2012-2017: the state of the internet series. These posts examined the web performance of the top 50 to 100 sites of popular website categories, covered major website outages, and reflected on the changes across the internet.  

If you haven’t guessed by now why we’re telling you this, it’s because we’re bringing this series back.  

Over the next few months, you can expect to see deep dives into the performance of several website categories including blogs, e-commerce and retail, travel, and more. We’ll analyze questions such as: how do the top five websites compare to the average? Have rankings changed within the last few years, and what factors do we think influenced the change? Are calls for more features correlated with higher load times? We’ll finish off the year by updating the SolarWinds® Pingdom Year in Review—any guesses for what will make the cut for 2021? 

We have our pre-selected topics, but we’d love your input for this series. Do you have a specific niche, category, or topic you’d like us to analyze? Drop your suggestions down below—we'd love to add recommendations from our users.  

Until next time, feel free to analyze your own website to see see how it stacks up against category leaders! 

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