2021 Pingdom Web Performance Year in Review

Welcome to 2022! We hope it will be a great year. First, the team at SolarWinds® Pingdom® would like to thank all Pingdom users for their support and loyalty in 2021. Thank you for trusting us to monitor your websites, servers, and services in a more volatile internet ecosystem. And while we look back at 2021 web performance in review,  we can’t wait to monitor, report, and analyze more online events in 2022.

What were your favorite moments on the internet in 2021? Leave a comment below or tweet us @pingdom.

2021 Web Performance in Review: The Ups and Downs

Let’s be clear. There were several outages in 2021. Maybe the significant outages bookending the year made it seem like the internet was in a constant yo-yo-ing state. From October’s Meta outage featuring Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp to the back-to-back-to-back AWS outages of their east and west servers in North America, many of the major websites across the U.S. were hit with downtime, slow loading pages, or broken user interaction journeys.

How many? Glad you’re curious. Here are the stats recorded from the Pingdom website performance and availability monitoring solution.

  • There were 2.57 billion collective minutes of downtime. You could watch Avengers: End Game over 14 million times with that amount of time.
  • We sent about 109 million individual alerts across email, SMS, and chat. Sent to one phone, you’d have a constant text chime for almost 3.5 years.

Looking Forward to 2022


Let’s make 2022 the year of fast, available, and reliable websites. If you’re not already monitoring your uptime and performance, why not see what SolarWinds Pingdom can do?


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