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Provide email notification on task Initiation

Currently Patch Manager provides the capability for email notifications on task completion.

What do you think about having an email notification on task Startup?

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  • Hi Lawrence,

    I know you can export the task result and I do so for several tasks. My comments was only for the email body that instead of just having a phrase like "Task X has completed on Application Server (Server Y)", could have a summary info with start/end time, etc.

    Let me give you an example of what I mean. The task for WSUS Server Cleanup has this information on details after task completion:

    Perform WSUS Server Cleanup
    Status: Success

    Details: Disk Space Freed: 27957418 Expired Updates Declined: 0 Obsolete Computers Deleted: 0 Obsolete Updates Deleted: 0 Superceded Updates Deleted: 0 Updates Compressed: 13 Configure Computer Deletion Threshold: False Computer Deletion Threshold (in days): 30

    It would be really nice if that text was on the body of the email message.... Just a though!