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Edit Patch Manager Scheduled Tasks

Given the ever-changing nature of enterprise environment it is time consuming and laborious recreating scheduled tasks every time a change is neccessary.
Currently the only option is to delete and recreate a scheduled task.

Please consider adding the option to Edit Scheduled Tasks.

  • 2 years from my last comment and still waiting!

  • Any update on this? It seems such a simple things to do yet still not implemented!

  • Good afternoon all,

    This should definitely be a priority.  As stated by the OP, things are always changing in an enterprise environment and the tasks need to be amended to suit whatever reason.

    Currently the only way to edit a Task is to track down the XML file which also uses the GUID as a naming convention rather than the Task name just to make life a little more difficult.  Then you have to edit the XML file and hope that you haven't deleted a comma somewhere.

    Many thanks,


  • TOTALLY agree!!  We run patching every other weekend and each time the server list could be different, so each time I have to re-create the task.  ALSO not sure if it's just us, but if I want to run the same task for 3 iterations, 2 hours apart, it does not work.  It will only run the final task. ie - schedule expect it to run 2a, 4a, and 6a, it will only run the 6a task.  (Repeat every 2hrs for 3 occurences).