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Allow Installed Programs and Features Reports to include registry values or the last logged on user

The current reporting works great if you only want to have the report include the Installed Programs, and other data within that same data srouce (domain, computer name, etc.).  However, there's no way to setup a report that also includes the last logged on user.  I would like a report that says Computer XYZ has Application XYZ, and the last logged on user associated with that computer is XYZ.

Currently the only way to get the last logged on user is by adding a custom inventory task to gather the registry value.  This is explained in the following article:

How to locate the last logged-on user for a managed computer (

In the management reports, the registry data source is not part of the "Installed Programs and Features" report pack.  The closest thing would be to use the "Computer (General)" report pack, which has the capability to access both data sources.  However, by setting up a report that pulls the program and computer information from the "Installed Programs" data source, and pulls the registry value from the "Registry" data source, this causes the report to produce invalid data.  What I mean by this is that is won't associate the registry value with the appropriate inventoried computer.  Instead, the report will generate additional inaccurate rows for every user and program that make it seem as if all users have logged into all computers.

What we need is either the capability to add registry data to a programs report that properly correlates the computer for which the registry value was pulled from.  Or we need the reports to natively support the last logged on user as a selection within the programs and features data source.  This would be preferred so that we don't need to setup a custom registry inventory to get this data.