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Add Technical Support for Custom Packages

I would like to suggest that technical support reconsider supporting and troubleshooting customers who need help deploying custom packages in PatchManger.  While the software has the PackageBoot feature and the ability to create custom packages, technical support is not available for problems with these processes.  As a system engineer and programmer I appreciate the unique challenges involved in anything "custom", but I feel there are valid reasons why PatchManager is a powerful tool for deploying custom software updates and since this ability exists in PatchManager there is potential to make the product all the more powerful for customers.

In healthcare we have the challenge of computers always being on, rarely getting rebooted, and shared with many individuals.  With the ability to deploy custom software updates using the WSUS mechanism, we can ensure updates get deployed consistently and timely.  I am not suggesting that SolarWinds troubleshoots the third party software -- just the update process.  For example, most sotware vendors issue an MSI or EXE for installing their updates/upgrades.  Most of these programs have a silent or quiet mode, but there are often unique challenges in deploying them in an unattended mode, e.g. stopping a process or service before executing them or running a script after installation.  These are things PatchManager has the capabilities of doing.  But there are often bugs and hickups along the way.  Having technical support for these features would open up the door for PatchManager to be the powerful tool for deploying updates for the applications that businesses use day in and day out.  Think about it.  Companies don't run on Microsoft Word and Adobe Reader.  Sure they use them every day, but the software that matters most is their vendor of choice for whatever market niche they're in.

PatchManager has huge potential.  Instead of just being the patch mechanism for the Microsofts and Adobes of the world, why not make it the premier patch deployment tool for any company needing to update their software?  Please reconsider supporting custom packages!