Is it possible to Wipe the Eminentware Database?

I suspect we have some form of corruption in our Patch Manager database. The Data Orion is reporting does not match the information on the WSUS Servers but it is talking correctly to the Patch Manager Server as all the task information is correct. 

Is it just a case of shutting down Patch Manager, getting the Database removed from the SQL server and running the configuration tool to rebuild the database from scratch or am I looking at this too simplistically?

  • Oddly enough, I was having the same issue and just found a solution for it. We use a SQL AG for our Orion database and it seems  the cache database on the SQL AG wasn’t purging old data. I deleted all rows from the SolarWindowsOrion à PM à PM_WsusNodes dbo then clicked "Load newest data" on the top right of the Patch Manager Summary page.

    I informed my DBA of this and informed him a scheduled SQL job to purge this regularly may be needed if it recurs.