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Unable to connect to the Update Server!


since a couple of days our Patch Manager is not able to connect to the WSUS Server anymore.

When trying to expand the wsus server in the console the following error message appears:

Source: EminentWare.UI.Controls
Exception occurred at 23.08.2022 15:09:12: Source: NET226A
Reason: Exception occurred at 23.08.2022 15:09:10. The transaction with JobID: 1f7645dc-dab1-4528-a8a7-398741783857-0 appears to have failed to retrieve the requested information. Unable to retrieve information from for wsusserver
Object Type:

Stack: bei EminentWare.UI.Controls.UpdateServerInformationCommand.GetServerInfo(UpdateServicesServer server)
bei EminentWare.UI.MMC.Controls.UpdateServicesServerNode.GetServerAsyncMethod()

We havent changed anything within the network (both the wsus and patch manager servers are in the same network area). Im able to ping the wsus server from the patch manager server.

I´ve created a support ticket but the answers I received till today where not very helpfull if helpfull at all...

Best regards,


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