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Patch Manager Url empty

Started getting "The error that the URL cannot be empty" when trying to view the updates section of the WSUS server but I can see the PC's.  Need help.
  • Don't recall this one, so here's a couple of things that come to mind:

    1. Can you open All Updates from the WSUS console directly (go to the WSUS server itself if it's a remote server and launch the WSUS console)?
    2. Did you recently publish a Third Party or Custom package?

    If you can't launch the WSUS console, I would keep this KB handy and go through some of the checks (this is mostly gut based, but review the share paths and file paths namely):

    Cannot publish to WSUS server - SolarWinds Worldwide, LLC. Help and Support

    If you can launch the WSUS console then #2 becomes more important. I can't think of a why or how, but you may have had something go sideways while publishing an update and the console isn't retrieving it now. I can't think of a way out of this at the moment that wouldn't involve the database, so you may want to reach out to Support in case it's something they've seen before.

    This is where I would start #1 is key and can help guide next steps if you can let us know on that. I figured I would throw out some ideas instead of letting the question sit entirely.