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PATCH MANAGER unable to connect client machine

I was trying to detect task one client machines from pacthmanager and getting below error.

Detect Now
Object: XXXXXX
Status: Failed

Details: Attempt to connect to failed.
The following attempts were made:

ARP Resolution result: No
DNS Resolution result: Yes
NETBIOS Name Resolution: No
MS Endpoint Mapper: No
WMI Connection: No

EminentWare Provider Connection: No

File and Print Sharing Ports: No
Unable to connect to the NetBIOS (139) or NetBIOS over TCP/IP direct hosting (445) ports on and provisioning of the EminentWare provider requires the 'File and Print Sharing' exception to be enabled.

@Team- Please let me know how to resolve this.

jhynds​- Do you have any solutions for this...