Patch Manager Deploying an Executable FIle (.exe)

Hello Thwack, I have been using Patch manager for a couple of months now but I would like to know if there is any best practice or process documented for Publishing and deploying Third Party .exe applications. I have done this before many times with .msi files which are easy but with .exe files it appears there is a bit more tinkering required.

In this specific scenario, I am tying to set up that Sophos Endpoint Antivirus is installed on machines through WSUS but only if Sophos is not already installed on the endpoint machine. However, with he current package I am not adding any rules and I am just trying to push it via WMI using the Update Management option in Patch Manager.

It publishes fine but when pushing the update to a test VM I have on the network, I get the following error from the task:

Please Help!!