Solarwinds Event Log forwarder to papertrail app syslog not working

We are forwarding Event logs via Solarwinds Event log forwarder to papertrailapp syslog server.  All devices are configured with the correct Syslog Server, Subscriptions are configured.  Windows 10 device Event Viewer and Event forwarder set correctly in group policy. All devices have the same configuration and same apps installed, managed by Endpoint manager. Test have been ran through Solarwinds event log app, paper trail does show at times that the received test.  Sniffing tool on interface shows no data to syslog server.  However, some devices work but others do not, in the past we had some devices working, for some reason those that were working stopped sending data. Can anyone assist me with what the issue could be of not being able to send log files consistantly?

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