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What We're Working On For Papertrail (Updated September 11, 2020)

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We are actively developing new features and enhancing existing features to Papertrail. The items that are in flight as the updated date above are as follows:

  • JSON logs and structured data - More and more developers and IT teams are using JSON.  Papertrail now parses JSON logs with basic JSON search capabilities such as root level, nested, exact, and negation.  Here's how it works currently. We are now actively working on adding existence, comparison (arithmetic), range, regex, and array search.

  • HTTP/s Endpoint - we are adding an http/s endpoint to be a single place logs can be sent via Papertrail, tokenized for your security.

  • WordPress Plugin - we are building a Papertrail specific Wordpress plugin so that developers on that platform can easily integrate with Papertrail for their livetailing needs as they build Wordpress sites and applications.

  • Regular expression search - Use powerful regular expressions for better searching of your logs.

  • Multiline Events - We will be able to display an event that spans more than one log line within our Event Viewer.

  • Nodeless Cluster log connector - solution to get log data out of nodeless clusters with no requirement for DaemonSets, sidecars, fluentd or persistent claims.

  • New Solarized Event Viewer themes - we are adding new color themes as optional display preferences in our event view to make your live tail log data easier to read and visualize.

Any comments? Please post below! If there is something you’d like to see on our roadmap, please post in our feature request section!