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Orion Map Track History for more than 100 nodes...

Orion Map Track History for more than 100 nodes...

A map with 100 nodes or less is very limited on what it can show and yet for all the same reasons that Track History is useful on a map of 100 or less nodes it is even more valuable on a map that encompasses an overview of your entire network. In my instance, a map of the most important backbone nodes included is closer to 300 nodes. 

By splitting the map into smaller pieces we lose the big picture. We have nested maps for more granularity and we can enable track history on only about half of the nest maps due to the 100 node count limit. The feature Track History becomes useless when you can't apply consistently and it doesn't make sense to design maps around the 100 node count as you will not be able to make the map make sense to the type of connections you need to display or the geography. 

I can't image the 100 node count is anything but a performance suggestion. If it does corrupt something or cause massive problems at 101 nodes I could understand the restriction but I suspect it was just a nice round number where design found the best performance. I can wait for a map to load a few more seconds to get a more useful display with Track History. Just allow it to be enabled regardless of the number of nodes on the map and provide a warning to the map creator/editor so that they are aware there could be an increased load time etc. due to the number of nodes on the map with track history enabled.

Such a great feature, its a shame we can't make use of it currently. I hope this gets implemented soon it seems like really easy low hanging fruit type of improvement!