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Add or update single device or subnet to map

If you scan a network and find out that, for example, you forgot to add snmp community to a device you end up with adding that community string to the device and do a complete rescan

or if you add a new switch or a new vlan and want to incorporate that into you ntm map; same thing..

In lansurveyor you could simply rightclick and choose 'add to map'

i would like to see this feature return asap.

kind regards,

Marco Janssen

  • Agreed on getting some love!  This would be a very helpful addition!  The example of having a node scanned, but not picked up initially is very common.  Making the proper SNMP modification and rescanning ONLY that node (or selected nodes) would be a great shortcut over re-running the entire Discovery.

  • Can this get some love in 2017? It has been here for 2+ years!

  • Same issue here, wasted a two day scan!

    This feature NEEDs to be implemented!

  • Hear hear!

    After scanning our ASAs they showed up as ICMP devices. It seemed that I forgot to allow the NTM host to poll the firewall using SNMP. After adjusting this, I had to rescan the whole network (1000+ nodes, takes hours). I won't repeat what I said at that moment but to put it mildly: this isn't exactly user friendly.

    At another moment I wanted to add a subnet to an existing  map. I thought I was smart, using 'find additional nodes' , unticking the networks that already had been discovered and only tick the 'new' network. Not that smart.... After the scan my whole network layout was gone and only the new network was shown, WHAT!

    Needless to say I was not amused.

    So yes, I would like these options added.

  • agreed. Many times, nodes are flagged as unidentified. I would love to be able to right click - RESCAN THS NODE or something like that.