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How do I bypass the user permissions error when accessing maps that have been created by other users?


At present I had other members of my team create maps of the various legs of the network that they are responsible for.  The problem is when I try to access the maps that they have created and NTM throws an error stating that I don't have the correct permissions to access those maps.  I need some assistance in trying to fix this error.  My VM admin states that this error is not coming from the server or the OS.



  • NTM maps credentials are saved PER user thus other users has no rights to read the map. All credentials are stored in per Windows user credential Vault, you can view it from Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\Credential Manager.

    To let other users view the map, you may try logging in using your windows account that can open the map and simply click "File -> Export -> Map" and give the map file a new password. This map can now be open by other users using the specified password.

    Hope it helps.